How to track heatmap for different variations

Click on the A/B test you want to track Heatmap data on and then click Edit A/B test.

Step 1

1. In the editor now click Settings
2. Click Heatmaps

Step 2

3. Click Create Heatmap for project variations.

Step 3

4. If you want to set up another for this test click New Heatmap otherwise close this popup by clicking the x


5. Go back to the dashboard and click on Heatmaps
6. Find your heatmap and click it.


7. Click Configure heatmap

Step 6

8. Click Edit Audience

Step 7

9. Set the same Audience as in the A/B test.
10. Click Save Audience and then close Audience settings by clicking the x.

Step 7

11. Click Save and close and you are done!

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