Setting up Custom Dimensions

Setup in Google Analytics

If you haven't already you need to prepare this in Google Analytics. So log in to your GA account and set up the slot you want to use for tracking Symplify through Custom Dimensions.


Setup in Symplify

When the step above is done open up the Symplify dashboard and follow the steps below to complete the setup of Custom Dimensions.


mceclip0.png1. Go to My websites and click the website and then choose Edit website.



2. Check the Custom Dimension box and hit Save. Now close this popup.


mceclip2.png3. You now need to go in to your project and choose Custom Dimension slot. Open an Editor for your project and click on Settings and choose Custom Dimension.



4. Now enter the desired slot and hit Save. Then hit the x to close this popup.


You are now ready to track your project through Custom Dimensions.




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