Edit popup



Show after

The amount of seconds before the popup should show after audience has been true.



Set how many times the popup should be shown. Changing this will make the popup show multiple times when audience is true.

Note: This can result in the popup showing for example two times straight after each other when the visitor navigates if audience is true on both these pages. 


For each

Unique visitor

Will only show the popup the number of times you've set in the previous setting and then never again in that browser (until cookies are cleared).


Will reset this each time the browser is closed and / or the session has run out (this is device / browser specific)


Enter anmination

Select how the popup should appear


Exit animation

Select how the popup should disapear


Show grid

Shows grids on elements in editor to help with placement.

Note: These will not be shown on popup in preview and / or live.







Position style

Select where on the screen you want the popup to appear



Set height of popup

Note: Changing this might affect the automatic placement and / or mobile adjustmensts on smaller screens.



Set width of popup

Note: Changing this might affect the automatic placement and / or mobile adjustmensts on smaller screens.


Border radius

Defines the radius (softness) of the popups corners



Adjust position of popup



Set padding of popup container



Select background on popup container (default is white)


Background image

Upload and image or enter an URL to an image and set as background for the popup container.


Overlay opacity

Change opacity of overlay background.


Overlay BG

Change overlay background color.



Add content


Use this to drag-and-drop content to your popup.






Sections (pages)

Click the dropdown to Add or switch between these.



Here you can add, style and edit the blocks of your popup. Click on Add block to choose from different types of interactive content. You can then drag-and-drop these to change the order of the blocks.


Thanks note

Edit the message you want to show after submit



Choose where you want the popups submitted data to be send. By default the form data will be submitted to Symplify and can be viewed in Form results for the project.

See change form submit action to read more about this and other options.

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