I can't get my click goals to work

If you went through the How to set up click goals correctly and are sure you've set this up correctly and still do not see a Goal satisfied popup when you click your element then you can try set this up as a custom goal instead.

You do this by copying the CSS selector in your goal and then change goal type to Custom goal in the dropdown. 

Then write a click goal like in the example below, where you exchange the .buyButton selector with your own.

$('body').on('click', '.buyButton', function() { 
    return true; 

// If the code above dosen't work, try the code below.

$('body').on('mouseup', '.buyButton', function() { 
    return true; 

// NOTICE! we use "mouseup", be sure to test this on mobile and tablet so it works.

How to test a Goal



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